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F4tF: New York City Beer Halls

Recently, I had a friend in town for the month of January.  He came to NYC on a job hunt and he got the job they wanted.  My friend was born & raised in Italy, worked with me in Paris and now resides in Texas.  When he came here, he said “Take me to some places in NYC that I probably would not think about or go to”.  I happily obliged.  The one theme that kept recurring on our food trips was hitting Beer-centric places all around the city (five in all).  Here is a recap of our tour of NYC beer halls.

[Youngna Park courtesy of NY Mag]

I have to preface this story by stating that almost every beer hall we hit was completely unplanned and the decision only came when I realized we were near one of these places.

Here are the fives places we hit in the order we hit them (over a 3 1/2 week period)

1) Zum Schneider – 107 Avenue C 212. 598.1098

Zum Schneider’s history (from their website):

Zum Schneider was opened on August 19, 2000 by Sylvester Schneider, a native of Weßling am Weßlinger See, Bavaria, and long-time resident of Alphabet City. “I missed summers in the beergarden with friends, family and people of all kinds, coming together to relax and celebrate life. Embracing those yearnings, I created Zum Schneider”.

Our path to arriving at Zum Schneider started out on 9th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen on a lazy Saturday, then made its way through: Little Italy, Chinatown, East Broadway (the hidden Chinatown), the Lower East Side and eventually we found ourselves on Avenue C.  My friend’s request for food that evening was “A place that serves good beer with hearty food”.

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