Fire In The Sky

Hidden Flick: Fear Naught

[Originally Published: December 22, 2009]

WARNING: This week’s edition attacks all cherished earthbound concepts as if some alien intelligence, some Trickster, is looking down and laughing at us all. I blame Mike.

As the Aught decade comes to a close, most people take a look back at not only the last ten years, but—as humans dwell within the holiday season at the moment—what exactly fuels mankind’s collective metaphysical engine, and, alas, what should be left behind.


The 2000s will be forever remembered as the decade where the United States of America was brought to its knees, its outlook crippled, and as the era when centralized and focused greed and corruption finally toppled the Empire, pushing the dust far outside its own borders, cascading down and around for all to breathe; indeed, encircling the entire globe. Oh, but this is the time of Cheer and Good Will towards all Men and Women, no?

Well…let’s look at that concept, with a nod back to the FEAR that gripped this nation for nearly the entire decade, and think about what it is to be a HUMAN, and what motivates them, and what strikes deep anxiety within its mortal frame. Yes, let’s gander at our final Hidden Flick of the decade, the 11th of season 3, and 41st overall. I suppose it isn’t a stretch to describe the chilling film, Fire in the Sky as a subliminal holiday tale, as well.

READ ON for more on this week’s Hidden Flick – Fire in the Sky…

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