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Fleetwood Mac: Christine McVie’s Top 15 Contributions

In early 2014, Fleetwood Mac announced that McVie would be rejoining the band after a long hiatus. There are plans to tour; some are even hoping for a new record. In the spirit of McVie’s return, let’s revisit fifteen of her most accomplished, most enduring contributions to Fleetwood Mac, and remind ourselves of what an integral strand she is in the band’s superstar DNA.

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Better Off With HAIM: An Inside Look At Indie’s Best New Trio

Glide Magazine recently spoke with HAIM about their Forever EP, their beginnings as a family band, plans for a 2013 full-length release, what 90s influences play out in their music and lives around Southern California, and which Fleetwood Mac album they'd most like to cover.

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