Friday for the Foodies: Inaugural Posting

Put your hands together for the first column of what we hope will be many from one of our favorite bloggers – Jon Hochstat. I’m on a few mailing lists with Jon and he has an incredible knack for separating the signal from the noise on the internet.

His posts on the now defunct Runaway Dinosaur covered a wide range of topics that always piqued my interest. Jon wrote a food column every Friday for RD and we’re honored to pick up where he left off here at Hidden Track.

Greetings everyone. Welcome to the first posting of my weekly contribution to Hidden Track, Friday for the Foodies. As most of the people who write & read this blog are diehard music fans who go see lots of live music, most of the people are also diehard foodies. I know I am both for sure.

Each week, I will try to bring you what I have found that piques my attention, whether it came from a blog, an RSS feed or Twitter.

This week I have decided to take on the debate over which way is the best way to get information that will satisfy a foodies urge to know what is happening. The old way which is through RSS feeds or the new cool way, which is through Twitter. You decide which of the two provides the information that feeds your foodie cravings. Right now I seem to be getting more from Twitter for sure.

Top Five Foodie Things I Learned via RSS Today:

1. Serious Eats NY brings us NYC Food Events for the Weekend and Beyond, which includes a great event for the weekend:

The Great Greenpoint Mac Off
March 22, 4 to 8 p.m.
Mac and cheese crawlers will hit four Greenpoint bars, each serving samples of hot mac and cheese and cold craft beers. Start at Red Star, then move to The Habitat, Mark Bar, and finally t.b.d. There will be a different drink special at each bar to wash down the cheesy carboload. Red Star is located at 7 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222 (map)

READ ON for the rest of Jon’s list of things he learned via RSS and Twitter…

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