Friday 4 The Foodies

Friday 4 the Foodies: East Harlem Eats

This week I thought I’d take everyone on a visual tour of what I feel is a neglected foodie area of New York City for some people – Lexington Avenue from 96th Street to 104th street in East Harlem. There is a great diversity of foods available on this eight block stretch which also happens to be right on the 6 line with stops at 96th and 103rd street. Live on the Upper West Side? The M96 crosstown bus goes right there.

Here are some of my favorite places to eat in the area:

1) Little Luzzo’s – 119 E 96th St 212.369.2300

Yes, this is the same owners as Luzzo’s on 1st Avenue in the East Village except this one is much smaller and has counter service only with tables to sit and eat but no waiters. While the downtown Luzzo’s has great Neopolitan (round) pizzas, it’s the Siciliana slices at Luzzo’s that I go for. My favorite is the Potato & Gorgonzola which also has mozzarella cheese but no tomato sauce. Other Siciliana options available are Margherita, Sausage, Sausage & Broccoli Rabe, Artichoke, White Pizza, Vegetarian and the Michele (which contains Mozzarella, Prosciutto, Mushrooms, Truffle Pate & basil but NO tomato sauce). Not much ambiance but worth it for the slices.

Here is a picture of the Siciliana display case I took recently.

READ ON for more of this week’s Friday 4 the Foodies…

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F4tF: Fiore’s House of Quality, Est. 1913

As many of you read last week, I talked about some of the great old-school restaurants around my hometown of West Orange, NJ that have been around for decades. Funny thing is the same day I post this story, a friend sends me a picture of him and Buddy – aka The Cake Boss at Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken. My friend Jeff and I go back to when were kids. I asked him if it was worth taking a day trip out to Hoboken in the rain on Saturday. He said yes, but not to go to Carlo’s but to Fiores’s at 414 Adam Street.


The reason why Saturday was the right day is that every Saturday (and Thursday) they sell their special roast beef sandwich with their famous homemade mozzarella and topped (and dipped) into gravy. There was a “right way” to go about getting your sandwich. The Hoboken Guy who like me was a “Fiore’s virgin” documented his experience so well. Read his posting, it is a fun food trip. Along with my sandwich (pictured below)


I also got a pound of their homemade roasted peppers with garlic & one pound of the hot cherry peppers stuffed with provolone & prosciutto (sorry no pix of these, but they are to your left when you walk in). They also do amazing sundried tomatoes. It is about a 15 minute walk from the PATH Station but so worth it. READ ON for more Friday 4 the Foodies…

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F4tF: Soul & Comfort Food @ Edmonds Cafe

Over the last couple of weekends, I have been exploring different parts of Harlem, taking in the nice weather and heading to parts of the neighborhood that I hadn’t been to in a long time. One of the streets that I have been enjoying walking up from Central Park North (110th St) is Lenox Ave aka Malcom X Boulevard. As I was walking, my hunger started building up and it was then that I stumbled upon a hidden treasure, Edmonds Cafe.


The number 1966 in the top left corner is NOT the address of the restaurant, it is the year that this small family owned and run business opened in Harlem. Sure, when you think of Soul Food in Harlem Sylvia’s and Amy Ruth’s come to mind. Those two places are well known, with a large following amongst locals and tourists alike and most times have lines of people waiting to get in.

However when it comes to the real deal, you know the kind of place that people stop in after church or for a quick family meal, my money, palate and hunger keep on bringing me back to Edmonds. My last two trips to Edmonds were both on Sunday afternoons and it was nice to see most of the people who were coming in greeted by their name with the staff/family who own and run it asking questions about their guest’s families, treating them like they are part of the extended Edmond’s family. READ ON for more…

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F4tF: Pork Ragu & Potatoes @ Porchetta

The great thing about working in the East Village is that there are some amazing food places that are hidden on the side streets and if you go at the right time you can get some amazing food with little to no wait.

One of those places is Porchetta on East 7th Street between 1st avenue and Avenue A. The foods that I head in there for are their homemade Pork Ragu and their oh so delicious Crispy Potatoes with Burnt Ends.


The pork ragu takes 48 hours to make and is not available all the time but when it is, you have to go in to try it. The picture above is one I took months ago when they first rolled it out. They now serve it in a big bowl with the bread on the side for a way economical $8. I stopped in last night on the way home from work and only got the crispy potatoes with burnt ends (to go) as I was on a walking and grazing tour and found my way over to Momofuko Ssam for Pork Buns, Sake Lemonade and cookies from Milk Bar before heading home. I’ll do my piece on Momofuko Milk Bar soon as their stuff is amazing and their corn cookies ethereal. READ ON for more…

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