Thirty Seconds to Mars : A Beautiful Lie

30 Seconds to Mars combines the heartbreak and anguish of contemporary teen icons like Dashboard Confessional with all the sincerity of hair band power ballads, translating sunset strip fantasies to the 21st Century via self-doubt and impotence, and ending up blasting cock rock without the hard-on.

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Lake Trout: Changing The Lens

Lake Trout has grown to become a mature, focused band of rock careerists. The classic rock seeds of their youth and the jazz and hip-hop flavors of young adulthood merged with electronic inspirations, providing the the ability to weave those digital threads into ghostly indie rock.

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Buckethead & Friends : Enter the Chicken

For a guy who (according to legend) was raised by chickens and now tops off his blank-faced mannequin mask and long, black Jerry Curl wig with an empty KFC bucket, Buckethead makes some fairly normal music, but that seems to be the point.

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Vegoose: Las Vegas, NV 10/28-11/1/05

The inaugural Vegoose was not about social consciousness or warm, fuzzy, neo-hippie activism, nor was it about resurrecting some nihilistic hedonism of by-gone summers. Vegoose was all about chance

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King Elementary: Kudzu

Having first butted heads over the respective merits of metal and pop-punk in middle school, King Elementary eventually made up over Strokes and At the Drive-In covers, and Kudzu, the second album from the still adolescent Mississippi quartet, moves them one step closer to the final post-teen realities of manhood. King Elementary still aren

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