Dark Star Stories: The Greek – 07/13/1984

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This coming Monday will mark 25 years since the Grateful Dead kicked off a three-night run at the Greek Theater in the hot summer of 1984. 1984 was an interesting year for the band – there were good nights and there were…eh…not so good nights, but the concert the Dead played in Berkeley on July 13th is a strong candidate for show of the year.


The first set rocks, but the second set is what the show is best known for. Starting with an amped up Scarlet Begonias that tears into a speedy Touch of Gray (which was already well established in the band’s repertoire) and finally winds down into a groovy Fire on the Mountain. Phil drops a serious bass assault during I Need a Miracle and Jerry delivers the goods with a sublime and breathtaking Stella Blue. After Bobby leads the boys in a stomping Sugar Magnolia finale, only then does the real magic begin.

“If we could have your patience for another five or ten minutes, we’re going to try something a little special tonight, one night only.” – Phil Lesh

The road crew ran around the stage, setting up screens and projectors. Images of deep space appeared, and then the familiar triad of notes begins.

READ ON to find out more and to listen to the Greek ’84 Dark Star…

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