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Handsome Furs Call It Quits

According to a post on their website and Facebook, husband and wife duo Handsome Furs are breaking up after being together for six years and releasing three albums on Sub

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Handsome Furs: Sound Kapital

The husband-wife duo comprising Handsome Furs have managed to cultivate an exclusive sound for themselves, and instead of going haywire, they have stuck to it with a mature songwriting craft, experimenting with textures and noise fittingly. While the sound itself may be a hit-or-miss, depending on taste, it remains admirable that Sound Kapital has that inimitably honest quality throughout its duration; the quality of conviction.

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Handsome Furs: Plague Park

Most engaged couples spend their time gearing up for the big day by auditioning wedding singers, tasting cakes, and picking out the right invitations.  Wolf Parade guitarist Dan Boeckner and poet-fiancée Alexei Perry, however found the time to write a stark, moody album with little more than a guitar, a drum machine, and their combined imaginations.

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