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Intellectual Surfing With Howlin Rain

Sometimes we all love a good no-brainer rock song to get us through our day.  But then there always comes a time when too much rhythm partying starts to fray the stem cells and you find yourself craving Bob Dylan or Neil Young or Peter Gabriel; music that injects a few bars of powerade Einstein into those cavities in the brain.   Since about 2006, the San Francisco band Howlin Rain has been feeding the hungry with an alternative intelligentsia to the souls weakened by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

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Howlin Rain: The Russian Wilds

On “Phantom In The Valley” lead singer/guitarist/song-writer Ethan Miller sings about “Dusty notes of music/at the far end of the world!” but you don’t need to travel all that way to find Howlin’ Rain’s inspiration.  Just head into your parents basement and dust off the milk-crates that host your big brothers mid 70’s “classic” rock albums from a time gone by.  This is a big meaty album, a return to arena rock pomp and excess; knowing that in advance will clue people into the pluses and minuses fairly early of Howlin’ Rain’s newest release The Russian Wilds. 

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Tour Dates: Jump In The Fountain

In 2003 power-pop act Fountains Of Wayne became household names behind their seemingly ubiquitous hit Stacy’s Mom from their highly recommended album Welcome Interstate Managers. The New York-based quartet, whose

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