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14 Tori Amos Songs You May Have Missed

Being tasked with exploring Tori Amos’ discography is like a friend pressuring you to binge watch a show with over five seasons. So if you’ve borrowed your way through all 14 of her albums, here’s a list of 14 songs you may have skipped over, missed completely, or that deserve a closer listen.

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Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness

The most immediately recognizable difference between Angel Olsen’s debut album and the follow-up, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, is an exhilarating confidence woven through each song. The tremendous benefit of Olsen’s newfound poise is an inviting, personal album that encourages subsequent spins and features songs you want to explore.

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Aimee Mann: Charmer

Charmer doesn’t grab you by the throat and drill its message into your head; rather, Aimee Mann asks you to have a seat in her office, while you witness her playing psychiatrist to individuals (people she knows? herself?) who need an objective opinion with a healthy dose of reality. Listen closely, and you might even hear Aimee Mann diagnosing you.

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Garbage: Peerless, Fearless, and Renewed

In an era where the single already sounds like the remix, the songs released from Garbage’s fifth album thus far are unapologetic in the muddy, grunge-tinged pop that we love to associate with them. Perhaps unclassifiable initially, maybe this is Garbage finally telling us if you need to call it something, call it Garbage?

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