Jam Cruise Review

Jam Cruise Journal: All Aboard

Editor-in-chief Scott Bernstein will recap some of his experiences on Jam Cruise 9 in journal form for Hidden Track this week as the MSC Poesia sails around the Caribbean packed to the gills with bands from around the scene and the fans who love them.

There’s a feeling of joy that overtakes you as you step off the gangplank and onto Jam Cruise that is unlike any feeling I’ve felt before – except of course last year when I stepped onto the same boat for my first Jam Cruise. Everyone boarding the MSC Poesia is ready for the time of their life and that energy is pervasive.

Attendees boarded the boat between noon and 4PM and the music didn’t start until 7PM giving fans ample time to get settled and reunite with friends both old and new. Hugs and smiles were found everywhere you looked. For me, I met so many amazing music fans last year and friendships were renewed yesterday after a year apart for plenty of those relationships.

NYC’s winter started early this year, so the warm weather was certainly appreciated and I used the hours between 3 and 6 to soak up the sun. After a quick dinner, it was off to the Pool Deck for the “Sail Away Party.” Big Sam’s Funky Nation got the plumb gig this year of kicking off the action and they were a fine choice for the role.

READ ON for more of Scotty’s thoughts on Day One of JC9…

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