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Volume 11: Jessica Sonner

I usually don’t go to concerts by myself, but sometimes curiosity gets the best of me. And last winter, Jessica Sonner was a major curiosity of mine. Having listened to her music via her MySpace page for a few days, I was hooked; and luckily for me, she was coming to town.  So while my wife worked a night shift, I saw her play an early set at Off Broadway in St. Louis, and I was gratefully rewarded with an intimate performance.  It was just her and an acoustic, one that had been damaged on the plane the day before.  She seemed concerned about it, and I don’t blame her – for most songwriters, a certain guitar is irreplaceable.  Sonner seemed no different.

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Jessica Sonner: All We Need

“I want to make an impact, I want to make a difference,” Jessica Sonner sings on the title track of her first album, All We Need. At this point in her young career as a singer-songwriter, Sonner is a little bit of everything. And on All We Need, all the goods are on display, and with good reason.

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