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John Philip Shenale: In Conversation [Part II]

In this second part of our conversation, we look into Shenale’s history as one of Tori Amos’ closest collaborators. We also look at his involvement with the Night of Hunters world tour, in which he’s rearranged a large number of works from Amos’ catalogue and reinterpreted them for the show.

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John Philip Shenale: In Conversation [Part I]

In Part I of our conversation, we examine the Night of Hunters creation process. Part II focuses on Shenale’s work on the Night of Hunters tour and his background with Amos and their history of working together, including the serendipitous point where he took the helm as her orchestral counterpart.

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Tori Amos: Night of Hunters

Building from the open-hearted honesty of her debut, Tori Amos has amassed one of the most impressive discographies of any artist over the last twenty years. The one thing, however, that she has never shied away from is concept, and its first truly successful fruition in the last ten years is Night of Hunters, out September 20 on Deutsche Grammophon Records.

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