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Cover Wars: Lawyers, Guns & Money

Lawyers, Guns & Money is the closing track on Warren Zevon’s seminal 1978 classic Excitable Boy. While the album might be best known for containing the oft covered Halloween favorite – Werewolves Of London – there are surprisingly no shortage of acts that have covered this tale of waitresses involved with the Russians, gambling trips gone awry in Havana, and hiding out in Honduras, as the protagonist implores for his father to send lawyers, guns and money to get him out of it all.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Widespread Panic: According the Everyday Companion the Southern jam titans first covered LG&M all the back in 1987,  playing the song semi-regularly for a two-year period before shelving it for almost all of the ’90s – busting it out just twice for Halloween shows. The song returned back into rotation in 2000, and has stayed there since.  Source: 10-4-2010


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