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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: If It Ain’t Broke

It seems hard to believe that it’s been five years since Canadian indie-rock collective Broken Social Scene released their self-titled third album. Since then, BSS’s individual members have gone on

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Brendan Canning – Broken Social Scene Presents

Recently, Broken Social Scene began the Broken Social Scene Presents series of albums, where one member takes the reins, starting with front man Kevin Drew’s Spirit If. . .  And more recently, bass player Brendan Canning released the next album in the series, Something for All of Us. . .   The album has all the telltale marks of BSS – the multi-layered sound, the unbridled genre-hopping, the rough edges and spontaneous moments – but also lets Canning step into the spotlight.

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Jason Collett – Two Different Worlds

Jason Collett’s latest record, the 2008 release Here’s To Being Here (Arts & Crafts) is a marvelous thing; it’s personal enough to put on when drinking with friends becomes an option. It begs for authenticity through conversation. He pens lyrics like “The perennial fatigue of the times/when you’re long in the tooth/short in the sleeve/there’s nowhere left to hide” which let you into a world you only feel like sharing with your best friend. All this coming from a guy with three children. And when he’s not getting personal, he’s still littering his albums with references to joints and cigarettes.

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