Lambchop: Mr. M

Kurt Wagner and company have always operated on a different plane than others, making many beautiful albums worth of strange bedfellows, marrying rock, country, folk, and orchestral sounds into a conglomerate of tunes so distinct and intriguing that classification seems a pointless exercise. Mr. M is no exception as again the traits that make Lambchop one of a kind are on full display. 

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Lambchop Announces U.S. Tour

Lambchop will release Mr. M on February 21 and we are excited to announce their US tour beginning April 13 in Asheville and ending May 12 in Nashville! It’s been

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Bloggy Goodness: Prine Time

It’s going to be a good Spring if you’re a fan of the music of John Prine as you’ll be able to enjoy the legendary singer-songwriters music in two very

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