Mad Men Breakdown

‘Mad Men’ Breakdown: “The Monolith”

This week’s episode saw Don falling quickly into his old habits (drinking and ignoring responsibilities) but also saw him make a change right at the end. It also challenged old ideas with the future and put generations against each other.

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‘Mad Men’ Breakdown: ‘A Day’s Work’

This week’s episode was titled ‘A Day’s Work,’ but very little work was actually done. It focused on Valentine’s Day and questioned how long Don can stay in this state of limbo and lies.

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‘Mad Men’ Breakdown: ‘Time Zones’

‘Mad Men’ is one of the best written and acted series on television, so it comes as no surprise that the beginning of the seventh season was well-crafted. It provided important moments for Don, Joan, and Peggy and began to set the stage for what’s to come in this final chapter.

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