Benevento, Mathis & Dillon: Knitting Factory, NY, NY 3.9.07

As always, Benevento ranged across the keys, exploring melodies, harmonies and healthy doses of dissonance with equal skill and abandon. In the middle, Mathis anchored the sound, keeping the pace as Benevento and Dillon jockeyed for position. A consummate bass player and musician, Mathis served as the glue for the shape-shifting drums and keys.

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Benevento-Russo Duo: Best Reason to Buy the Sun

Although choppy at times, Best Reason to Buy the Sun is a solid and mind-expanding piece of post-modern art. The funky yet heavy, groovy but hectic delivery shines bright, and with it, a certain appeal that will move feet, bob heads and entertain ears.

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