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Medeski, Martin & Wood : Radiolarians III

Never let it be said that Medeski Martin and Wood repeat themselves but the trio's Radiolarians Series, in its ingenious concept of writing touring then recording all new material in quick succession, represents a willful effort to avoid the predictable.

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Medeski, Martin & Wood: Radiolarians II

Medeski Martin & Woods' Radiolarians II suggests that each of the three musicians are taking turns setting the tone for the respective installment of the series. John Medeski takes precedence here, but not to the detriment of his partners or the music they create together.

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Billy Martin & John Medeski: Mago

Mago is not about MMW minus the W, it is a chance for two old friends to try on some different hats, as they provide a tasty treat until the next Medeski, Martin, & Wood album.

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Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood: Calvin Theater, Northampton, MA 11/12/06

Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood, kicked off their night of funked out jazz at Northampton's Calvin Theater, it was obvious to everyone in the house that gimmicks and stage antics weren’t on the agenda. Instead, quality musicianship was the quartet’s goal, and world-class technique was what they came to deliver.

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Medeski, Martin & Wood: Shacking Out (Billy Martin Interview)

Formed in the New York City jazz scene in 1991, Medeski, Martin and Wood have precisely climbed up the rungs to become one of the most respected improv-based jazz groups of the modern day. Glide caught up with drummer Billy Martin to discuss MMW: past, present and future.

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Medeski Martin & Wood 2/08/2005: Tonic, New York, NY

For the next month or so, many artists are playing benefit shows to allow New York City’s Tonic to continue operating. On March 7 and 8th, Medeski Martin & Wood offered their services and gave fans the opportunity to see them perform in one of the clubs where they got their start.

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