The Bravery: Bold Beginnings (Anthony Burulcich Interview)

A year ago the Bravery were toiling in obscurity, recording on a laptop in a Chinatown walkup, struggling to make ends meet. By the early roar of 2005, they had appeared in every major music magazine here and abroad, and earned the label of the next big thing.

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Kasabian: Brit Rock Riot (Chris Edwards Interview)

Since breaking into the UK mainstream this past summer, Kasabian have been outspoken proponents of their aggressive, confident blend of beats and guitars – taking their homeland by storm and administering what they believe was a much needed shot of honesty and ambition.

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Muse / The Zutons 10/10/2004: Mr. Small

After the American rock renaissance of the past few years, with bands from New York to Detroit to Omaha breaking into the spotlight, our British cousins have finally struck back.

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The Killers: Making A Fuss (David Keuning Interview)

Las Vegas has never been considered much of a rock and roll city. Between the casinos, Elvis impersonators, and extravagant entertainment, little noteworthy rock has ever emerged from the Mojave Desert. But all that might soon change with Hot Fuss, the excellent debut by The Killers.

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Billy Martin: The Turntable Sessions: Volume 1

Since the summer of 2001, Billy Martin, of Medeski, Martin & Wood, has been organizing Turntable Sessions at various downtown New York City clubs. The Turntable Sessions: Volume 1 is an 11-song collection of highlights throughout the first three years of Martin

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stellastarr* – Kinetic Swagger (Michael Jurin Interview)

Resonating the sounds of eighties post-punk and new wave alike, stellastar* may very well have the staying power to outlast some of their contemporaries. With a galvanizing live show to complement their fine studio work, stellastarr* are earnestly strutting their sound

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