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Review: Lucero @ Mercy Lounge

It’s taken me a day or two to come up with a way to review the show I saw last Friday night in downtown Nashville. Lucero, a Memphis band I’ve been a fan of for a few years now, performed a two-night stand this past weekend.

I was a little late due to work obligations and then a car accident on the interstate. When I finally arrived, I found the place completely sold out and jam-packed. Don’t get me wrong – the large crowd was expected, that’s become the trend when Lucero travels to Nashville and their success is definitely a great thing for the band. I was able to catch the last three songs of what I believe to be a great up-and-coming band, The Dexateens.

The Dexateens are southern-garage rock from Alabama and I think (and hope for their sake) they become a band to reckon with in the near future. I was really happy I arrived in time to check out a few of their songs, so happy, I actually purchased one of their albums at the show. I can’t tell you the last time that happened.

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