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The B List: 10 Cool MGMT Covers

Once in a while a band comes along that so captures the attention of their contemporaries, that the covers just start flowing in. It used to be much more common to cover your peers, these days it’s a rarity. Somewhere along the way it got less cool to cover songs that were released in the past couple of years, but MGMT is one of the bands that seems to have avoided this.

For this week’s B List we assembled our favorite MGMT covers…

10) The Kooks – Kids:

English band The Kooks acoustically cover Kids live at Triple J Studios:

9) ALO – Time To Pretend

This ALO side project played under the name “Bag Of Tricks” for this gig on 10-29-2009 and featured three members: Zack Gill (Keyboards), Steve Adams (Bass), and Dave Brogan (Drums).


READ ON for eight more artists covering MGMT well..

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