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Best of 2003: From The Artists Perspective

If you want to find the pulse of a culture, discover where the innovators are finding inspiration. So with that in mind, we decided to go right to the source and ask some of our favorite artists what they enjoyed most over the past year. Since Glide covers a diverse helping of artforms, we sought out a truly eclectic mix and asked them all sorts of questions, ranging from great music to great moments. With praises you’d expect and many others you would not (see Keller’s affinity for naked kayaking), it’s a candid sneak peak to life off stage. Though, coming as no surprise, it seems every tourbus rolled the highways this year with Hail To The Thief on repeat.

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Club d’Elf: Minimalistic Chaos

Five years ago, Mike Rivard set out to create an ongoing experiment. What if his bassline could be the constant focal point, a musical lighthouse, where a rotating cast of allstars including John Medeski, DJ Logic, and the late Mark Sandman, could come together, listen, and be free to just go off to wherever they wanted to lead the music. The result: the creation of a perfect balance between chaos and order.

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