Uncle Earl: Waterloo, Tennesee

Led Zeppelin bassist/keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist, John Paul Jones, has produced and provided instrumental accompaniment to the latest release by the all-female string band, Uncle Earl.

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Memphis The Band: Radio

Memphis the Band’s Radio truly has a fitting title.  Most of the songs contained therein could be played on any generic radio station. 

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The Curtains: Calamity

Calamity works as an eccentric hodge-podge of quirky pop songs, avant-garde sounds, and out-of-nowhere, straight forward, shed rock.

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Dosh: The Lost Take

While Martin Dosh has been called a one-man band for his looping techniques and versatile musicianship, his latest disc The Lost Take has an extended family of collaborators.

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Grayson Capps: Wail and Ride

While the term “Southern rock” usually comes from a lack of creativity, it most certainly applies to Capps’, as his drawl, love of whiskey (“Ed Lee”), rough-riding, tenacious sounds, and wisdom beyond his years exudes Southern rock in the truest sense.

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Charlie Hunter Trio: Alley Katz, Richmond VA 10.5.06

Charlie Hunter and his latest Trio brought the rock star flavor back to jazz in Richmond the other night. Despite a particularly vicious bout with tendonitis, Hunter displayed no signs of discomfort. It wasn’t until after completing the two sets of music that Hunter applied ice to his invisible wound, enjoying Black Sabbath’s "Sweet Leaf" over the speakers.

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Galactic : The Paradise, Boston MA 7/19/2006

They reminded us of the work in New Orleans that still needs to be done, but more importantly, of the joy that their cultural roots will forever produce, through the good and the bad. This was no simple task to achieve, and obviously, Galactic is more than just another simple band.

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