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yMusic: Beautiful Mechanical

Even taken with its apparent downfalls, this is an album with which they should be quite proud. It not only proves their capability alongside their frequent collaborators, but actually asserts the relevance and necessity for a language that is wholly yMusic.

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My Brightest Diamond: All Things Will Unwind

On All Things Will Unwind, Shara Worden delivers a tour de force that stands far above the majority of contemporary music. It’s a masterpiece that will prove quite difficult to surpass, but the fact that this is only her third album as My Brightest Diamond makes the future look even more the brighter.

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My Brightest Diamond Continues To Add It All Up With All Things Will Unwind

Glide Magazine’s Peter Zimmerman had the pleasure of speaking with Shara Worden as the wheels behind the gradual unveiling of All Things Will Unwind started to turn. Among many other things, they spoke about the history of the collaboration with yMusic ensemble, her approach to songwriting and rhythmic construction, plans to tour this record and why she loves the musical Annie.

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20 Songs To Download Now!

Autumn is in full-force right now as the days are quickly getting shorter and colder. But before the bustling of the holiday season arrives, take a minute to catch up on some tunes from the last couple of months. Sweden is in this fall as several bands from this country have peaked through into the States. The Shins make a return to form, and some new artists on the verge will appease. So, drink some cider and bundle up–it’s time to give your i-Pod some fuel.

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