My Morning Jacket Terminal 5

A Look at My Morning Jacket’s Terminal 5 “Album Run” So Far

This week has marked a dream come true for My Morning Jacket fans as the band has not only dusted off never played before and rarely played before album tracks from each of their first three albums, but they’ve also busted out many random covers from the old days at Terminal 5.

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The action continues tonight with a performance of 2005’s Z along with assorted chestnuts from that period and the run concludes tomorrow night with a show billed as “Evil Urges and Beyond.”

We’ve compiled the setlists from the first three shows as well as links to the best videos, reviews and anything else we could find about these performances. Let’s take a gander…

Monday, October 18…

The Tennessee Fire

Set: Heartbreakin Man, They Ran, The Bear, Nashville To Kentucky, Old September Blues, If All Else Fails (live debut), It’s About Twilight Now (last played 2006), Evelyn Is Not Real, War Begun, Picture Of You (last played 2006), I Will Be There When You Die, The Dark, By My Car, Butch Cassidy, I Think I’m Going To Hell

Encore: I Just Wanted To Say (Does Christmas Fiasco Style), Rocket Man (Elton John, last played 2001), Weeks Go By Like Days (last played 2000), Tyrone (Erykah Badu), White Rabbit (The Great Society), Hot Legs (Rod Stewart, last played 2000), Lil Billy (last played 2002) [via]

READ ON for more on the second two nights of MMJ’s T5 run…

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