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Nathan Moore- Old Time Folkster

Nathan Moore, based out of Staunton, Virginia, has been producing some of the more magical “neo- folk” albums of the last 10 years. At times he has expanded his sound out from a lone songwriter to a full band sound; the best example of this can be found on his album from last year You Yeah Smokin’ Hot. However with Folk Singer, Moore returns to his roots with something that sucks you into his personal thoughts and reflections in a way that is truly cry-in-your-beer beautiful.

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Nathan Moore – In His Own World (INTERVIEW)

n His Own Worlds, the latest album from singer/songwriter Nathan Moore, is a journey inward, a poetic trip to the center of what makes one human. The naked honesty in Moore’s lyrics and voice give the songs an evocative fluency that resonates with anyone who has, even in passing, questioned their true self and what it all means.

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Surprise Me Mr. Davis – feat. The Slip & Nathan Moore 3/02/2005: Higher Ground – S. Burlington, VT

Nathan Moore may very well be one of the finest singer/songwriters of our generation. With songs that are so pure and honest, you can follow his pains and his joys note for note and word for word. Stepping away from his regular band, ThaMuseMeant, Nathan teamed up with the members The Slip to rejuvenate Surprise Me Mr. Davis, a band that grew out of a Boston blizzard a couple years ago.

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