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North Mississippi Allstars: Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY 4/7/12

The North Mississippi All-Stars seemed right at home during the second night of their two show stay at Brooklyn Bowl.  While Williamsburg is a far cry from Hernando, the love of southern fried electric delta blues is universal, noted by the varying ages and races of the fans in attendance. 

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North Mississippi Allstars: Keys To The Kingdom

With the passing of their father the Dickinson boys, Luther and Cody teamed back up with bassist Chris Chew and released this heartfelt collection of southern rock that they “Produced for Jim Dickinson”. 

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Hill Country Revue: Make a Move

When The North Mississippi Allstars' Luther Dickinson began working with The Black Crowes, his partners, brother Cody and bassist Chris Chew, formed Hill Country Revue, whose music is a composite of the raw early sound of The Allstars and the riff-heavy style of Lynyrd Skynyrd,

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North Mississippi Allstars: Boulderado: Live at the Fox

Because Boulderado: Live at the Fox 2008 comes so closely on the heels of 2007's splendid live document Keep on Marchin', both casual listeners and died-in-the-wool fans may question the validity of another double-CD live set from The North Mississippi Allstars.

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The Black Crowes: Warpaint

Call Warpaint a comeback, but The Black Crowes have proven that their best original music wasn’t just a thing of the past.

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North Mississippi Allstars – Luther Dickinson’s Big Plans (INTERVIEW)

Recorded comfortably in the Zebra Ranch studio operated by Luther's and brother Cody’s father Jim Dickinson, Hernando temporarily postponed the release of a documentary on NMAS. All Stars Front-man Luther Dickinson has recently joined the Black Crowes, appearing on their anticipated Warpaint release, making himself one of rock's most prolific guitarists.

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North Mississippi Allstars: Hernando

In keeping with its pre-release announcement, The North Mississippi Allstars new studio album Hernando gets off to an extremely powerful start. It’s to the credit of the self produced trio (in collaboration with Cody and Luther’s famous father Jim Dickinson) that the variety included on Hernando ultimately emphasizes the band’s forte.

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