Alice Smith: For Lovers, Dreamers and Me

For Lovers is refreshingly real. Not because it’s an amalgam of styles, but because it’s a respectful homage that all these styles have their origins in the same place – the soul – and are facets to be used as tools to benefit honest songcraft.

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MC Lars: The Graduate

The music itself is a regurgitation of jerky, sampled electronic beats and attempted Eminem-style delivery with absolutely no flow.

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NYC Subway: Songs From The Underground: Various Artists

Any compilation of artists regardless of the theme is going to be uneven. It is just something you have to accept, and when you keep in mind the range of talent you might experience day to day on your commute, a compilation of buskers from the New York City subway system is going to be especially so.

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Michael Penn : Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947

Lyrically, you cannot expect less from Michael Penn than Dylanesque craftsmanship and use of vocabulary on any of his albums, and Mr. Hollywood Jr., 194 is no exception.

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John Davis: John Davis

Former Superdrag frontman, John Davis has found Jesus and like every fresh convert he wants to make sure you know all about it. On first pass through this self-titled album, the only song that stuck out as anything special was

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