Grousing The Aisles: A Taste of Fall ’95 Phish

Phish – 10/11/1995 DAUD [FLACs, VBR Properly Tagged MP3s] Fourteen years ago yesterday, Phish played perhaps their finest show in Arizona at the now defunct Compton Terrace. Phoenix’s Compton Terrace

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Chris McGregor: Reveling in Mirror Mask (INTERVIEW)

Herein, Chris McGregor of Stage II Design & Production neither confirms nor denies the whereabouts of the oversized sea life remnants included in the Aquarium from Phish’s 1993 New Year’s run. Whether or not the props are indeed stored in Fishman’s basement remains anyone’s guess. Nevertheless, McGregor kindly shares incisive commentary regarding his role in masterminding some of the most epic moments in Phish history.

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