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Tour Dates: MGMT’s Psychedelic Summer

With MGMT’s much buzzed about sophomore album Congratulations hitting stores today, the Brooklyn-based act has revealed their summer touring plans. Andrew VanWyngarden & Ben Goldwasser, who kicked off a sold

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The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Straight out of The Breakfast Club comes The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, quite the band name/album title and one that really is apropos of the music contained within.  The sound of love-longed teens lounging in their Tiger Beat pin-up covered bedroom, crossed with shaggy-haired-skinny-rockers in a garage; turning up the feedback and peppering the skins and keys with the combined angst and pressure of a first kiss.    Layers of acoustic guitars and feedback build on the quick opener “The Contender” before the abrupt end, leading to the swinging catchiness of distant broken lovers in “Come Saturday,” whose ending contains a sped-up Jesus and Mary Chain “Head On”-esque riff.  The hooks, dreamy voices and lovelorn lyrics would flutter away if it was not for the impressive low-end teaming of Alex Naidus on bass and Kurt Feldman on drums giving the group a power-pop-punk vibe in the vein of The Exploding Hearts.  Sure, you’ve heard this all before, and at times it borders on mimicry over tribute, but tunes like “Everything With You” and “Hey Paul” are fantastic and will win you over instantly.            Earnest and melodic; borrowing heavily from Black Tambourine and slightly from My Bloody Valentine, while mixing in a sunshiny-sheen on top of the playing that bursts through.  Where those groups were dense and required multiple listens you GET IT upon the first run through with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.            

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