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B List: 10 Best Defunct Jam Sites

Most fan sites are a labor of love, so it’s not a surprise that the average lifespan of your typical fan site is extremely short. All it takes is getting a new job or a change in lifestyle to take away the free time that allows the creators of these sites to provide new content for their readers.

For today’s B List we’ve put together a list of ten sites that are gone but not forgotten. A few of ’em still exist but aren’t active anymore. Check out our list and then let us know some of your faves from the Jamband Website Graveyard by leaving a comment after the post…


While Andy Gadiel’s Phish Page (remember the address??) was the homepage for nearly every Phish fan I knew in the late ’90s, was the second best fan site out there for years and years. Combining a message board with surveys, news, phacts of the week and all sorts of other intriguing content, the site provided hours of entertainment for the group’s followers. Site creator Beeno posted something on when last year’s Hampton shows were announced, but other than that there’s been no content on the portal.

2. The Greenhaus Effect

Relix/ Executive Editor clearly has his hands full running both publications, but before he took on the added responsibilities that come with his current title, he ran a semi-regularly updated blog called The Greenhaus Effect that always had interesting content. Mikey’s prose and work ethic have served as an inspiration to me as I got into the writing game and I always loved reading his first-person accounts on The Greenhaus Effect. Hopefully one day he’ll resurrect the site (hint, hint, hint).

READ ON for eight more sites we wish were still around…

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