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The Subways: Young for Eternity

Truth is that there is nothing as complex as the teenage mind to be had on The Subway’s Young for Eternity, just a teenager screaming as loud as he can over second-hand riffs. Corporate synergy once again fails. The one positive thing Young for Eternity might accomplish is that the pre-teens who purchase it may find this as dreadful as I did and learn that they can

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Phantom Planet: Sound Rotation

Upon releasing their strongest effort to date, and holding a coveted lineup spot for the upcoming eclectic Coachella Festival, Phantom Planet is allowing their ghoulish name and brash music to speak for itself.

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Phantom Planet: Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet is still trying to find their identity. After two moderately successful albums of melancholy, California pop rock, Phantom Planet has taken a cue from some of their East Coast counterparts and released a self-titled LP of straightforward, guitar driven rock. Offering their best Strokes imitation, Phantom Planet has concocted a solid post-punk/post-grunge album that becomes more engaging upon each listen.

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Best of 2003: From The Artists Perspective

If you want to find the pulse of a culture, discover where the innovators are finding inspiration. So with that in mind, we decided to go right to the source and ask some of our favorite artists what they enjoyed most over the past year. Since Glide covers a diverse helping of artforms, we sought out a truly eclectic mix and asked them all sorts of questions, ranging from great music to great moments. With praises you’d expect and many others you would not (see Keller’s affinity for naked kayaking), it’s a candid sneak peak to life off stage. Though, coming as no surprise, it seems every tourbus rolled the highways this year with Hail To The Thief on repeat.

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