Jack White: Blunderbuss

Jack White never intended to make a solo album.  However, after Wu-Tang Clan abbot The RZA was forced to cancel a session he had scheduled at Third Man to record a 45 as part of the label’s acclaimed Blue Series, White decided to keep the musicians he hired on the clock to lay down something for himself.

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Young Hines: Give Me My Change

Even though Young Hines might easily be presumed as just a clever stage name, it is in fact this band leader’s own name, given to him on account of him being the youngest of seven children. After listening to Give Me My Change and hearing the striking range of Hines' voice, it comes as no surprise to learn that he was once John Lennon in a Beatles cover band called The Roaches.

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The Dead Weather : Sea of Cowards

On Horehound, The Dead Weather injected their own warped blues into 70’s style doom rock with oomph.  On the groups second release Sea of Cowards all shackles seem to be have been discarded, allowing the band to experiment with different sounds, styles, and substances. 

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The White Stripes: Icky Thump

 You’re staring at a record that has enough spit and polish to be mainstream; enough off-kilter punk blues for diehards; enough sonic experimentation to cover up the groups’ normal shortcomings (Meg’s elementary drumming); lyrics that come from the wise and fun loving ventricle of Jacks heart (“And lots of other situations where I don’t know what to do/at which time God screams to me/“There’s nothing left for me to tell you”)…and you’re staring at the album of the year.

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Vegoose – Halloween in Sin City

Halloween in Vegas is a recipe for a serious bender. Throw in a two-day festival and a dozen late-night shows and you might as well check-in under the name "Dr. Gonzo."

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