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Boston Spaceships: Let It Beard

The latest offering – and with Robert Pollard I mean what he’s released basically since last night – from the Guided By Voices singer is a rollicking side project called Boston Spaceships (well now main side project) that has a huge ‘60s Brit rock feeling on the lead off “Blind 20-20” that morphs into a sweeter, spacey Beatles-esque romp. Alongside former GBV member Chris Slusarenko and The Decemberists’ John Moen, Pollard is in fine form on the all too short “Juggernaut Vs. Monolith.

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Robert Pollard: Space City Kicks

After calling it a day with Guided By Voices, then releasing a ton of material, then reforming Guided By Voices, Robert Pollard still has time to keep releasing material. As meticulous as some artists are in tossing their songs out into the general public, Pollard’s workmanlike approach has meant some misses but more often than not delectable, infectious hits.

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BG: Is That Vampire Rock? Turn It Up!

While I’d venture to guess that most of our readers are a bit too old for the whole Twilight phenomenon, there is a reason to get excited about the vampire-loving

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Robert Pollard: From a Compound Eye

Bob Pollard is Guided by Voices. He is the main and only constant in the lineup from Dayton, Ohio that churned out 17 full length albums in their nearly 20 year tenure on the indie scene. If you don

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