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Rufus Wainwright – Vibrate: The Best Of

Vibrate does contain some of his very best songs, and for the devoted fan, the deluxe edition is unbeatable. It’s a celebration of the unique, mournful, self-deprecating music of Rufus Wainwright, and, if you’re unfamiliar with his work, not a bad place to start.

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Rufus Wainwright: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC 02/12/2013

One leaves a Rufus Wainwright concert torn between the terrible choice of giving in to their desire to listen to songs they just heard as album versions set against the stark reality that the version they heard live will almost certainly cause the audio version to pale in comparison– and this goes even for solo shows like the one at the 9:30 Club.

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Martha Wainwright’s Triumphant Return With Come Home To Mama

"Come Home To Mama" is a true return to form for Wainwright, and proves that not only does she have a place in contemporary music, but she deserves one. Glide Magazine recently spoke with her about this new album, what it was like working with a 3 year-old and her love for LCD Soundsystem.

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Glide’s Best Albums of 2012 (So Far)

It may be only the end of July, but 2012 has already seen the release of so many fantastic albums that we thought it would be helpful to put together 20 of the records from this year that have blown us away.

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Rufus Wainwright: Out Of The Game

Call him over the top, call him excessive or even arrogant, but one cannot fault Rufus Wainwright for not trying hard enough and delivering with musical aplomb. The difference with Out Of The Game, however, is that he’s provided a cohesive work that exemplifies his talents, for the most part excises his overindulgence, highlights his sharp wit and exceptional musical skill.

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Best of Cover Wars: Hallelujah Edition

[Originally Published: May 25, 2010]

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, off his 1984 album Various Positions, is one of those songs that seems ubiquitous but the original version rarely heard. The song plays out as an epic saga and has a seemingly endless supply of lyrics that never drag on if delivered properly. It’s been covered nearly as many times as there are verses. Countless times it’s appeared on soundtracks to films and television shows as a poignant backdrop to directors’ attempts at tugging on heartstrings. While what follows are each great renditions, I implore you to start with the original done by a maestro and true craftsman of song.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Jeff Buckley: Buckley’s hauntingly dramatic version from his 1994 debut Grace is the best known cover of Hallelujah. It’s one of the best known covers of any song ever. Many people who love the Buckley version have no idea Cohen was the originator – I know I’ve met more than a few.


READ ON for the scoop on the rest of this week’s contestants…

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