Review: Disco Biscuits Inferno Weekend

Words: Alexander Wolff
Images: Jason Woodside

Disco Biscuits – Bisco Inferno Weekend: May 26 – 28

For some Disco Biscuits fans, there is no greater treat in the world than to watch the group perform at Red Rocks. Arguably the best outdoor amphitheatre in the country,  Red Rocks is a venue that brings a magic all its own to each show. Along with the natural beauty of the venue, the Biscuits have been putting in extra effort to make this weekend as special for their fans as possible and they are finally beginning to succeed.

[All photos by Jason Woodside]

Like most bands, the Biscuits are at their best when touring heavily, so with only 12 tDB shows in 2011 leading up to Bisco Inferno weekend, there was some skepticism and apprehension about whether they would play well. Fans hoped it wouldn’t take too long for the group to start firing on all cylinders. With two shows at the Ogden leading up to the finale at Red Rocks, there wound up being plenty of time for the band get their groove back.

May 26 – Ogden Theatre

Unfortunately, the first show of the weekend on Thursday night was a bit of a letdown. The first set was uneventful save for a slick segue into Shem-Rah Boo, which featured a neat jam out of the middle before returning to Voices Insane. The Overture was a treat, but oddly placed. The second set was somewhat redeeming, with a highly exploratory Orch Theme that featured several beautiful themes and peaked more than once. Tricycle > Mr. Don also featured some excellent playing, most notably from keyboardist Aron Magner.

Set 1: The Very Moon > Voices Insane > Shem-Rah Boo1 > Voices Insane, Neck Romancer, The Overture

Set 2: Park Ave. > Vassillios > Orch Theme > Tricycle > Mr. Don, Shelby Rose

Encore: Mulberry’s Dream


[All setlists via PT Bisco]

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