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Strange Brew: Dogfish Head – Bitches Brew

Welcome to back to Strange Brew our monthly column dedicated to – as you probably have already guessed – beer. Each month, we’ll take a close look at a new or notable brew, or just one we think you should be drinking.

The folks at Dogfish Head may not be too fond of their beers being labeled as “extreme,” but to those that drink the standard fare, their craft beers could be a bit of a shock to the palette thanks to their unique ingredients and potent punch. Founded in 1995, the Delaware-based brewery, whose unique methods of producing and brewing beer were the subject of a must-read New Yorker article, originally built its reputation around the flagship trio of continuously hopped IPA’s with a 60, 90 and 120 minute variation. Dogfish Head’s mantra is “off-centered stuff for off-centered people” as the company puts out a wide variety of year-round and seasonal offerings, as well as their big bottle rarity series.

The brewery’s latest limited release was brewed and named in honor of the 40th anniversary of Miles Davis’ landmark jazz-fusion album Bitches Brew, a record that is near and dear to Dogfish founder and president Sam Calagione’s heart. He claims that it was “my dream was to have Dogfish Head, in some small way, stand for the same thing in the beer world that Bitches Brew stands for in the jazz world.”

Why Should You Drink It?: For the third time in the brief history of this column we have another serendipitous alignment between the worlds of music and beer. This imperial stout, which weighs in at hefty 9% ABV, pours a silky black, almost molasses color with a dark tan head.

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