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Bloggy Goodness: Dylan Does NCIS

There really has been no shortage of Bob Dylan news these days. Earlier this week, Zimmy dropped his oddly enjoyable holiday album Christmas In the Heart. Now comes news that

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Blips: Three Under The Radar Bands

In our never-ending quest to dig up some great bands that cost less than a corned beef sandwich at Katz’s Deli, we bring you another round of Blips. Blips highlights some great bands that are largely still in their larvae stage, but will soon morph into their beautiful butterfly. In this edition, we have some really cool new music, so take a sec, poke around their various websites, and see what you think of these three under the radar musical groups…

Hoots & Hellmouth


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Generally, one would look somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line for spirited gospel-infused Americana, but contrary to conventional wisdom it’s the City Of Brotherly Love that the roots-revival act Hoots & Hellmouth calls home. The band combines its plaintive lyrics with high and lonesome bluegrass harmonies, fire and brimstone playing and folkie-acoustic ballads that will make it almost impossible to keep your feet from stomping along.

If you’re a fan of OCMS or YMSB then this band’s latest disc The Holy Open Secret should fit nicely into your collection of contemporary old-time music. Hoots & Hellmouth kick off their summer tour tonight, with an album release party an New York City’s Joe’s Pub.


Jeffrey Greenblatt

READ ON for two more Blips-worthy acts including Lissy Trullie…

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