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Screaming Females: Chalk Tape EP

Maybe the most impressive thing about Screaming Females – besides leading lady Marissa Paternoster's well-documented shredding chops – is the consistency of the group's output. Since lunging out of New Brunswick, New Jersey's sweaty-basement party scene in 2006, the trio has released five full-length studio albums, not a clunker among them. On Chalk Tape, their second studio EP, the Females continue to solidify their reputation for delivering wickedly efficient DIY rock

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Glide’s Best Albums of 2012 (So Far)

It may be only the end of July, but 2012 has already seen the release of so many fantastic albums that we thought it would be helpful to put together 20 of the records from this year that have blown us away.

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Screaming Females: Ugly

The New Brunswick, NJ punk/power trio Screaming Females have continually produced some of the most kick ass music in this country over the last few years, now they release their newest effort that keeps the bar high, Ugly.  The disk has a lot in common with the band’s 2010 Castle Talk but also steers a bit darker, especially when it comes to the lyrics/vocal theatrics from front female, Marissa Paternoster.    

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Cro-Mags, Fucked Up, Screaming Females, Pissed Jeans: House of Vans, Brooklyn, NY 7/29/11

he line for Friday Nights free show in Greenpoint, Brooklyn stretched far into the steamy night as rain fell in buckets before things got started.  It was a drenching evening in all aspects as the hardcore and punk rock washed over the crowd mixing with the sweltering venue, developing a cauldron of sound and some unfortunate smells.  Ahh puke, sweat and spilled beers…METAL!

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Screaming Females: Castle Talk

A fierce trio that plays power punk music with a DIY gritty edge, Screaming Females has produced a complete and exciting record with their newest release Castle Talk.  The group has a knack for producing catchy riffs and choruses before scuffing them up with enough tempo changes and feedback so the proceedings never become too sweet. 

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