Sevendust/Lacuna Coil – Feature Interviews with John Connolly & Maus Biazzi: Hard Rock Live, Biloxi, MS, 2/14/13

t was the hammer of the gods. The thunder of demons. And for a crowd of hard rock loving, fist-raising fans in Biloxi, it was heaven. Sevendust, a metal-leaning, powerdrill of a band out of Atlanta, is the epitome of hard work finally paying off. Formed in the mid-90’s by guitar player John Connolly, bass player Vinnie Hornsby and drummer Morgan Rose – with vocalist Lajon Witherspoon and guitarist Clint Lowery joining soon after – they forged ahead even when things looked bleak. That fierce tenacity mixed with a massive sound and eye-opening lyrics is what finally elevated them above all the hundreds of other young bands struggling to get their music heard.

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John Connolly Steps Out Solo (INTERVIEW)

After 15 years with Sevendust, guitar player John Connolly has finally stepped out of his comfort zone to take his vocal chords for a test drive on their own. Along with his longtime friends – bandmate Vince Hornsby, Alter Bridge/Creed drummer Scott Phillips and Creed touring guitarist/vocalist Eric “Erock” Friedman – Connolly took what was supposed to be something more solo yet found the energy and chemistry too strong to keep under wraps in his Florida recording studio.

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Sevendust: Next

Buzzing with a Protestant work ethic that would put Donald Trump to shame, Sevendust took their advance money from Universal and have been spending it as if it had come from a political organization, busying themselves at a campaign trail of odd but strategic guest appearances at motorcycle races, special radio meet-and-greets and anything else short of toastmastering a Weight Watchers meeting.

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