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Sasquatch! Music Festival – Day 3: Gorge Ampitheatre, 05/26/2013

Days 2 and 3 of Sasquatch! Music Festival – they're two different beasts, but as the Festival begins to taper off, they definitely show their individual colors. By Sunday (Day 3), most are feeling the fatigue of doing three days nonstop- from Thursday's camping adventures to the music of Friday and Saturday. So, thankfully Sunday's early scheduling was a bit soft, making it able to ease into the day.

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Shout Out Louds: Optica

For their fourth album, Stockholm-based Shout Out Louds tried that common “take a step back in order to take a step forward” approach so often attempted by artists stuck in a rut. Although 2010’s Work found Adam Olenius and Co. playing to some on some of their biggest and brightest stages, the vibe just didn’t seem to gel, and the band’s brightly colored musical palette turned a bit more muted and ill fitting.

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Bloggy Goodness: The Avetts Go Live

The Avett Brothers have been on a seemingly non-stop tour ever since releasing the critically acclaimed  I And Love And You last September. So it really should come as no

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