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Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns

It’s hard to fathom that back in the ‘90’s Snow Patrol, a student band from Scotland, was teetering on thin ice.  So thin that frontman Gary Lightbody had to sell his record collection to meet his monthly nut.  Yet in the next 14 years, they not only reached land, but crossed over the universe…a story that unfolds through their albums, particularly the last three

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Athlete: Tourist

UK pop outfit Athlete has said that they followed such musical guides as the Flaming Lips, Massive Attack and Beck during the making of Tourist, the follow-up to their well-received debut, Vehicles and Animals. Bits of those influences can be found on
Tourist, but really, it would be difficult to pick Athlete

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The Glide 20: Our Top Albums Of 2004

Just when you thought 2004 was a year full of so-so releases with a few random bright spots…Boom! Our ears were flooded with so much good stuff that all of sudden a Top 20 list became a serious challenge. But here we have it – our picks for the year’s best – The Glide 20 of 2004.

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