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Technology Tuesday: Reviewing Sonos & the new Play:3… plus Giveaway!

If you are like many people, your digital music library continues to grow exponentially. While physical CD sales still eclipse digital downloads, that will not be the case for long. Likewise, the proliferation of music streaming sites like Pandora, Spotify, MOG & Rdio make the ability to move away from physical CD’s even easier.  The problem now for many music lovers is how to enjoy all the music trapped on your hard drive & streaming through the web. Sure, you can listen through headphones, desktop speakers, transfer to a portable music player or listen through your laptop speakers. While all of these are acceptable for background tunes while surfing the web or casual listening, what if you want to fill your house with gut-thumping bass, speaker rattling, wake-the-neighbors-up cranking volume that only your stereo system can give you? Sonos has the answer and they’ll help you in your quest of  “streaming all the music on earth”.

So what is Sonos? How will it help you liberate all your music from your computer? Will it break your bank? Do you need to be a genius to set it up? What’s with this new Play:3 unit that’s being advertised? These are all the questions we’ll answer this week in Technology Tuesday as we explore and evaluate Sonos. Additionally, we’ll answer another great question: HOW CAN YOU GET A SONOS PLAY:3 FOR FREE?

READ ON for a complete guide to Sonos…

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