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Sonya Kitchell

Sonya Kitchell established herself as a breakout artist at age 15, when she recorded the album Words Came Back to Me and found herself performing on TV talk shows, notching respectable sales and collecting many a glowing review. Now 19 years old, the Massachusetts-bred singer/songwriter is back with This Storm, an accomplished effort that combines folk's searching sentiments with pure pop bliss.

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Sonya Kitchell : The Triple Door – Seattle, WA 4/17/2006

One of the biggest challenges of reviewing a 17 year-old singer is giving an honest opinion of her music and performance abilities, as opposed to commenting on the quality of her music and performance relative to her age. This challenge is headily evident in the case of 17 years of age, singer-songwriter Sonya Kitchell, whose impressive performance is countered by relatively unimaginative vocal stylings.

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