3GM: Top Musical Moments of ’10

Seems like this time of year everyone is making a list of some sort.  Worst this and best that.  We wanted in on that action.  You’ve been waiting, longing even, to hear our opinions, we know, it’s ok.  To keep it short: 2010 didn’t suck.   Here are Three Grown Men’s favorite moments of 2010:

Jonathan Kosakow’s top musical moments of 2010

3. Joe Purdy – “4th of July”

I stumbled upon Joe Purdy by way of coincidence, luck and lack of other choices.  The right place at the right time, he was playing his guitar alone on stage in one of the larger tents at the Mile High Music Festival this past August in front of a large crowd.  Nobody else happened to be performing at that moment.

His beard struck me first, long and unkempt, hiding his face just like his dark sunglasses.  His talent struck me next: a solemn and reminiscent voice, both lyrically and vocally, I thought of Ryan Adams and Ray LaMontagne; and a simple but catchy way of playing the acoustic guitar with single notes and melodies mixed into chord strums, I thought of Neil Young, among others.  I was able to learn through his onstage mumblings that he is somewhat of a loner, and recorded his latest album alone in a shack in Arkansas.  I went home tired and dirty later that night and found the album streaming online.  4th of July is simple: a lot of good songs.

2. Keith Richards – Life

For all the years he’s been in the spotlight, Keith Richards has somehow managed to stay somewhat of a mystery to the public.  There are hundreds of stories floating around about him and his time on the road, but he has rarely, if ever, confirmed or denied them.  Life is exactly that: a confirmation and a denial.  Keef tells you everything, from the street he grew up on as a child to whether or not he had a voluntary blood transfusion to rid his cells of heroin. His memories of the Stones’ first gigs and their many recording sessions, his obsessive and detailed knowledge of the music that inspired them, and his reasoning for playing a 5-string guitar.  It’s all in there: the music and the life.

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