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Jeff Ament Jams Out With RNDM (INTERVIEW)

Down-to-earth better describes Jeff Ament than hero, a term he would shrug off with a hearty laugh. He was a music fan who became a music maker. That his music became one of the voices of a generation was a nice surprise that has enabled him to make even more music … and continue to skateboard and play basketball instead of punching a time clock every day of the week.

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Regan Hagar of Brad – 20 Years and Counting (INTERVIEW)

 Enter Brad, the musical child of Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard and Satchel’s Shawn Smith and Regan Hagar, who also played drums for Malfunkshun during their tenure before Wood headed up Mother Love Bone with Gossard. With their new record United We Stand released last week, Brad is back with some 70’s-like grooves and a fresh-sounding energy with tunes such as “Diamond Blues”, “Needle And Thread”, “Miles Of Rope” and first single, “A Reason To Be In My Own Skin”.  Regan Hagar recently called Glide to talk about the new album.

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Brad: United We Stand

While Pearl Jam has always had a strong pop sensibility to its arena-ready hard rock sound, Brad, the side project co-founded by Pearl Jam rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard, delivers full-on pop music, albeit with an intelligent, psychedelic edg

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Stone Gossard – Round Four Of Brad

With Pearl Jam taking a breather, Stone Gossard has had the opportunity to get back together with his friends in Brad, to finally release their fourth full length CD Best Friends?, and head out on the road for some shows across the United States. It’s a strong recording, with songs that are moody and spirited, a little funky here and a little psychedelic there.

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