Technology Tuesdays: Subsonic Allows You To Bring Your Tunes Everywhere

Before we dive into this week’s subject matter, I’d like to say thanks in advance for reading. I look forward to this column which will be appearing on Tuesdays.

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Many music fans have but one simple goal – to be able to listen to any of their tracks, anytime, on any device.  It takes a lot of time and expense to accumulate, organize and archive your music. It’s a bummer when you leave the cozy confines of your house only to remember you’d really like to listen to something you forgot to burn to CD or transfer to a portable music player. Likewise, when the 32GB storage is at capacity on your device, it’s disheartening to get to the “one in, one out” mode by having to decide which album no longer makes the cut.

There are more options than ever to keep your music playing. This week we’ll focus on Subsonic which is free, plays virtually any music format, is available on any operating system and on most all mobile devices.

READ ON for more of Parker’s thoughts on Subsonic and what it can do for you as well as what separates the service from its competitors…

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