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Phish Summer 2011 Leg One Survey Results

Phish Summer 2011 Summer Tour Leg One is now nothing but a memory. Super Ball IX, which will undoubtedly create unbelievable memories for the fans that are there and also those listening at home, is knocking on the door. But what about the memories of Leg One? What did everyone think? Well over 1,000 fans took the time to fill out our survey and shared their thoughts on the venues, the songs, the jamming, the ticket prices and even the band’s legendary ‘Fleezer.’

[Photo by Parker Harrington]

We will follow up with another survey at the end of the summer after what may be the last tour for a while. Until that time, read on for a snapshot of what fans are thinking about Phish right now.

So is Phish just going through the motions? Or performing at the top of their ability? The very first question sums up the general consensus: Phish is ROCKING! Only 14% of fans rated the First Leg at “Average” or lower. Overwhelmingly, “Phenomenal” or “Very Good, Some Gems.”

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Did everyone think this has been the best tour since Hampton 2009? Yes! A majority of fans [56%] think this is the tour to listen to so far.

READ ON for the rest of the results from our survey…

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Phish Summer Tour 2011: Leg Two

As promised, Phish has announced more summer tour dates this afternoon starting with a pair of shows at The Gorge in George, WA on August 5 and 6 and ending

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