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The B List: 10 Artists Phish Forgot

When Phish posted 99 possible albums on – of which one would ultimately be chosen as the Halloween Costume set – it seemed they nailed all the usual suspects and some not-so-usual ones as well. A closer look at the proposed records shows they may have missed a few.

While those listed below would by no means guarantee a selection had they been included, it was a bit surprising and sad to see a few left off the list. I mean, couldn’t they at least given us the chance to have our hopes and dreams crushed when these artists got the axe?

1. Paul Simon


One of the biggest names in music inexplicably left off the list. Where’s Graceland or Rhythm of the Saints? Is Ladysmith Black Mambazo not available? [ed. note – they were not available] Sure the albums would be no easy feats to pull off, but I always considered that part of the fun.

READ ON for the rest of Andy’s list of artists Phish forgot…

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